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You create your ads

You create ads and choose Impressions, Clicks or days with words or phrases related to your business.

Your Banner ads appear on

When people visit and you use GSD Smart Ads with one of your banners, your ad will appear on with industry recognized Hot Spot Locations. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you.

You attract customers

When someone clicks on your GSD Smart Ad, they land on your website or Facebook Page where they can learn more about your German Shepherd Business to make a purchase or hire you for a German Shepherd Service.


Advertising on the most used German Shepherd Site worldwide is an effective way to drive more people to your website or Facebook Page and attract more customers.


With GSD Smart Ads you always know what you get for your money. There are many tools and reports to tell you what is working and how you could further improve your campaign.


You can fine-tune virtually all aspects of your campaign at any time. For example, you can change your budget, ad texts, keywords, geographic targeting, the days and times your ads will appear, and many more settings.

GSD Smart Ads provides users worldwide with relevant, targetable and cost-effective advertising options.


You can create your Ad in any language because is a Worldwide Site and target it to the world or a specific Country/State.

Rich media Ads

GSD Smart Ads provides groups of interactive ad types that include HTML, Flash and Video ads. You can choose whether you'd like to display rich media ads when creating or editing an ad unit and also set default ad type preferences for your account.

The point of online advertising is to get people's attention, and a big part of that is creating a great Banner ad. The ad should have a goal - why someone should click your ad and visit your website.

The three parts to an ad are:

  • Ad title: 25 characters to get people’s attention

  • Ad text: 71 characters to tell people what is unique about your product

  • Website URL: There are two parts to the website URL:

    • Display URL is what will show in your ad.

    • Destination URL is the webpage that opens in a browser when your ad is clicked. In the example, this link would go to your Site’s sale page.

Here are some tips on writing ads:

  • Give a call to action. Your ad is all about getting potential customers to "do something." The German Shepherd Puppy Kennel wanted people to check out their Puppies for sale so they include “German Shepherd Puppies” in the ad title.

  • Find the differentiator. Tell people what sets you apart, like “Best German Bloodline” and “6 Puppies available June 10th.”

  • Include specials. Make sure you include any special offers in your ad, like “Free Puppy Food Package”

  • Capitalize titles. Make the first letter of each word uppercase to draw attention.

  • Experiment. Create a few ads with different messages to see which performs best.

Banner(s) Performance Statistics

You will receive banner performance statistics daily from GSD Smart Ads via email with the following information:

Username: XYZ Protection Dog Trainer

Date: 02/07/2014

Ad title: XYZ Protection Dog Trainer

Campaign number: 1

Ad type: Banners 728x90

Impressions: 229

Clicks: 5

Ratio: 0.49%