Question: Can I link my Banner to my Facebook Page/URL?

Answer: Yes, You can also link your Banner to Your Website.


Question: Can I use Foreign Language Banners?

Answer: Yes, You can use any language that you want in your Banners.


Question: I am a GSD Trainer; can I use GSD Smart Ads for my Banner?

Answer: Yes, Any GSD related Service/Profession/ or GSD Product is Acceptable.


Question: Can I use Flash Banners?

Answer: Yes you can – Unlike Google, Yahoo and Facebook - We are much better.


Question: Can I place a Video?

Answer: Yes we have a Video Banner Format.


Question: What Style and Size Banners do you provide?

Answer: All the Standard Style Banners, But we also have some very unique and ones that you have never seen before.


Question: Am I permitted to use GSD Smart Ads for another Breed?

Answer: No, Absolutely no exceptions!